Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TO WRITE: What do you believe in?
You probably believe in loads of things. . . that we need parity for mental health insurance; that our friends should understand that we have an illness, not a weakness; that fudge brownie ice cream is the best; maybe that there are monsters under the bed.

Here's your chance to convince me, or the reader of your choice, of those deep-seated feelings and ideas. Consider your spiritual beliefs, your political positions, your feelings about depression, your relationships, your activities, your basic wants and likes. Are there any old childhood beliefs that come to mind? Any places where you differ greatly from those around you?

To play with. . .
You can start by writing a list of 100 things you believe in (yes, that's 100), as suggested by Kathleen Adams in her book Journal to the Self. Or, if ideas are already flooding your mind, feel free to simply start writing about these beliefs. Don't get too cerebral - some of the statements that come up might be startling or feel contradictory, and this is fine. Just let yourself write passionately. Write continuously for 20 minutes and convince me of how you feel on these topics.

Then reread your writing. What do you find - any surprises in your list? Any surprises in how passionately your felt? And are there any ways you might use this information to make small or large changes in your life? Perhaps this exercise will help trigger a discussion with someone close to you, or help you make a life decision.

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genevere said...

Whenever I come to your site you have something practical that I can use. Many thanks.