Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TO WRITE: Being Alone

Personally, I need alone time--sometimes a lot of it. It keeps my mood more stable, my stress level lower, I can be more creative, and a few more items typically get checked off my to-do list when I have it. And I'm usually happy alone.

Of course, I'm something of an introvert, and I understand from extroverted friends that their alone time isn't always necessary or even welcome. Unlike mine, their inner fires are stoked by being with people, whether one-on-one or at the big parties I sometimes dread.

All of us must also deal sometimes with loneliness, a related state.

Play with this...
Write continuously for 20 minutes on being alone. Do you embrace it or merely tolerate it when it occurs? Do you feel invigorated or lonely? If lonely, is it just for an hour or so, or do you feel it in terms of your larger life issues?

When you've considered these issues, what can you learn about yourself? Are there changes you can make in how you spend your time? Would a few minutes with a cup of coffee before the family wakes up make it a better day? Do you want to work at getting involved with more people and groups? Are there old friends you'd like to make contact with? Large or small, sometimes changes such as these can have a significant effect on our moods.

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