Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To Write: Seeing the World Anew

"We must learn to see the world anew." -- Albert Einstein

I'm always intrigued to see what this true genius had to say about daily life as well as about quantum physics, and this quote recently caught my eye. I'm curious about whether his special insight extended to the "real world." In this quote, I think it did, whether he intended it to or not. I have no idea if this line was referring to a Unified Theory or to the experience of everyday awakening to what is around us. Regardless, it seems beautiful, even spiritual, advice.

What would I like to see anew in my world? Small things, like the little gifts on my desk right now -- the heart paperweight from Mom, the silly magnet from brother Mark about me drinking too much coffee. People thought about me and chose these tokens just to fit me. I see that I could appreciate these important people more.

I'd like to see lots of bigger things anew too, of course. I take for granted the tan foothills outside my window, when I could be embracing their presence and hiking their trails much more often. And bigger still, I want to savor and be open to my current good health. Though I don't want to dwell on previous difficult years, I do need to compare and remind myself frequently of the joy and opportunities I have today when I'm able to think and write and laugh. Furthermore, I should look at my life anew, especially when so many others are hungry or at war. I did nothing to deserve being is this place with so many benefits -- the fates landed me here. If I look at these things anew, I feel many things, but gratefulness in particular.

Play with this...
What does this Einstein quote mean to you? Do you think of being open-minded to scientific theories or artistic expression or solving world problems, or do your thoughts tend toward your daily life and the things and people in it? How does your current state of health or illness play into this? Is there any way you could frame this situation to see it anew in a more positive light -- perhaps through what you've learned on your journey? Write continuously for 20 minutes and see what you see anew in your words.

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