Tuesday, July 17, 2007

TO WRITE: Wishes and Dreams
Are you a shopaholic? A collector? Do you dream of a different home, more money, a new job?
Even if you don't consider yourself very materialistic, I think all humans have wishes about things they'd like. A way to end the war? Enough food for everyone? Peace of mind?

I know my list includes items big and small. I had my eye on a new laptop for quite a while before buying it, but going to the mall depresses me (really). And it's very hard for me to watch TV news without aching for ways to mend all our problems. There are many days when just an extra hour of time to work or to read for pleasure would be fantastic.

Play with this:
Write continuously for 20 minutes starting with the phrase: If only I had...
You can come back to this phrase in your writing as many times as you like.

What sorts of items did you come up with? Are any of them readily attainable? Are any worth planning and working toward? Do any of them give you insight into your mental health? You may even want to write another 10 minutes on the answers to these questions.

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