Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TO WRITE: Responsibility
"Responsibility"means many things -- I know, I admit I looked at the thesaurus after a student recommended this topic. My first thought had been about "taking" responsibility, being the conscientious one who steps forward and is accountable when a task needs to be done. But we also use the word when we lay blame ("Kids, who is responsible for this mess?"), or assign trustworthiness ("Beth would never make a mess; she's very responsible").

What does responsibility mean to you? For me, in the larger sense, it indicates a sense of rightness, of standing up for what I believe in, even in the face of intense opposition. It is an inner compass that reminds me of what truly matters to me -- like ending the war; like trying to live more sustainably; like treating people fairly.

Play with this. . .
Write continuously for 20 minutes on the topic of "responsibility" and what it means to you -- whether it's finding a baby sitter you're comfortable with, or protesting for civil rights, or taking proper care of your mental health.

After you write, consider what your thoughts and feelings on this topic indicate about you. Do you feel overly responsible for things? Do you tend to shirk duties? Are there ways you would like to manifest more responsibility for certain areas in your life? All of these issues play into my self-image, and thus my mental health, I'm sure. Are there ways you could adjust "responsibility" in your life and improve your mood in the process?

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