Monday, July 09, 2007

TO WRITE: If I Weren't Doing This...
Do you work? Even if your depression has interrupted your work life, you may identify with a certain occupation you once held. Whether you're a corporate VP right now or a mechanic on sick leave, a retired salesperson or a former astronaut -- or even if you've never been paid to work --you've had jobs. Weren't you a student in high school? Have you been a homemaker, a gardener, a cook? Have you ever mowed the lawn or helped a child or walked a dog?

Now that you've thought about what you've done in the past, consider what things you'd love to do in the future. Imagine you could do anything, starting tomorrow -- whether or not you think you have the experience or education for it. What occupation do you dream of?

My friends may be surprised to learn that I've always secretly yearned to be a long-haul truck driver. I suppose the solitude to think as I watch the miles of America roll by somehow calls to me. It's certainly unlike anything I've done professionally before!

Play with this...
Write continuously for 20 minutes on: An alternate occupation I'd love to try....

Let the sky be the limit (or don't, and go for that astronaut job). How about a sculptor or a real estate mogul? An Olympic swimmer or -- oh, the irony! -- a psychiatrist? Describe how it would feel to be working, where you would go each morning, what you dream of doing on the job.

After you re-read your writing, consider how your mood might be affected by this new position. Are there healthy aspects of this type of work that you could implement now? Is this dream job something you might want to actually pursue -- and what steps would you need to take? Does your writing shed any light on how you've felt about work you've done in the past or are doing now? Is there any other job you'd also love to investigate? Write that one out too!

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