Friday, September 01, 2006

TO WRITE: What little things help?
If someone recently diagnosed with depression were to ask you what helps you cope, what would you say? Chances are you'd mention medicines, therapy, maybe ECT. But what other "little" things help you on those tough days too?

For me, talking with friends (especially those who personally know depression) over coffee often helps. Also on my list are browsing bookstores, looking at magazines, petting my cat Onyx, chocolate (in moderation!), exercise -- even a little bit such as a walk -- and, of course, sitting down and writing.

Play with this...
Make a list of things that ease your depression. Then choose one or two and describe them in detail. What do you do? How does it really feel? Why do you think it helps? Write continuously for 15 minutes. Perhaps you'll develop new appreciation of these activities or find new ideas.

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