Monday, September 18, 2006

TO READ: Publishing your writing
There are many ways in which writing can enrich the life of a person living with a mood disorder. Releasing one's work "into the universe" to be read by family, friends, peers and everyone else is one. But where to get started?

Today I'd like to plug a wonderful organization, The Awakenings Project, which operates out of Chicago. A link to its site is at the right. The Awakenings Project encourages, promotes and disseminates many forms of art created by people with mental illness -- visual art, theatre, music and literature among them. Its journal, Awakenings Review, is a great place for writers coping with depression or bipolar disorder to consider submitting poetry, fiction or essays -- about mental health issues or other topics. Published (usually) twice a year, the Review is attractive and well-produced, and includes black-and-white photography and drawings (you can submit these too).

The submission deadline for the next issue is December 31, so you have some time to put together your best work. To read the submission guidelines, link to their site and click on "literature." You can also order back issues there. I've published poetry in this journal, and I recommend it if you're interested in taking that next step with your writing.


Irene O'Neill said...

I would like to thank you for helping us with our mission, by spreading the word about the Awakenings Project. I've been with Awakenings for 10 years now, and am currently the president. I must mention that we are falling a tad behind on getting the current issue out the door, eliminating work is very difficult, since we receive so many excellent writings. Thanks once again for the mention. We are all volunteers, and we can scarcely afford advertising, so word of mouth is most effective.

Irene O'Neill said...

I thank you and Awakenings thanks you.