Thursday, September 04, 2008

TO WRITE: What are you looking at?
I'm discovering that what everyone told me is true -- being a mom is a non-stop job. But, oh, are we having fun! And even when a break presents itself, like naptime for baby (when Mom can write a quick blog posting) or when Dad arrives home from work (and plays with baby) I'm finding it hard to stop watching her. After dinner the other evening, as daughter played happily on the floor by herself, Dad and I thought we would take an opportunity to have an adult conversation; instead we realized we were both silently staring at her with smiles on our faces, intrigued with her games.

Play with this. . .
Write continuously for 20 minutes starting with: My eyes were glued to. . . Write a memory of a time you couldn't stop watching something, or write some fiction, creating a short story of someone's visual obsession.

Then, at several times during the day, consider where you focus your attention. Are these the places you'd like to be staring at, or would you like to home in on other, perhaps more "positive," images?


Anonymous said...

So nice to see you back in the blogosphere.

Kim Loucks Coplien said...

Dear Beth,

I was just reading the UW Alumni Magazine, which I usually never read and came across your name and your NEW BOOK!! I was very excited to see both. And then to my even greater joy, I discover you are a new mother, congratulations, I am very very happy for you.

I have a niece who just turned 13 (Teddy's daughter) who is also a joy to us and is from China.

Would love to send you pictures.

Lots of Love and Happiness


Anonymous said...

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