Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TO WRITE: The Youngest, the Oldest

OK, so I've got babies on the mind. . . humor this new mom. (See earlier post today.) As my beautiful little one seems to do something new everyday -- she is soooo close to crawling -- I'm terribly impressed by her rapid developments. Our accrued learning over a lifetime is amazing.

Play with this. . .
Describe the youngest person or the oldest person you've known. What stories do you recall about this person? What have you learned from her or him? My paternal grandmother, who I knew well, lived in reasonable health to 97 years of age. In China we met a 96-year-old man who was fascinating in his physical flexibility and apparent health. He said daily tai-chi was his secret. On the other hand, the youngest person I've known well since I've been an adult is definitely my new daughter, just turned 10 months old. I'm adoring watching all the changes she's made in just the month we've known her, and I know I'll learn a tremendous amount as we evolve as a family. I think that reflecting on all three of these people will be a help when I'm feeling really low.

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