Tuesday, May 15, 2007

TO WRITE: Those Really Big Questions in Life
In the writing group I lead at Stanford, I sometimes pass around a paper on which people can suggest topic ideas. Members' topics, like those I bring in myself, range from the very specific -- washing dishes, a childhood toy -- to the huge and abstract -- the meaning of life, for example.

Recently I noticed a large proportion of the group's ideas were of the "really big" variety. These issues sometimes require a few minutes of writing before you truly get your mind around them, but they tend to be very rewarding.

Play with this...
Write continuously for 20 minutes on one or both of these questions: Who do you think you are? What is reality, anyway?

Though you may need to start with broad concepts, try to bring your writing back to the personal level too, by using specific examples and using details gleaned from your senses.

Wait a day or so, then reread your piece. Have you learned anything about your own beliefs? Have your beliefs been strengthened? Drawn into question? Does this affect your perception of your depression at all?

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