Monday, May 21, 2007

TO READ: My First Book is Being Published!
Like this blog? You're going to love this book.

I'm delighted to announce that I have just signed a contract with Ten Speed Press to publish a book I'm writing on the power of writing to ease depression.

The book (we're still fine-tuning the title) will be based on my experiences, the experiences of my creative writing students with mood disorders, and the scientific evidence of writing's many healing properties. It will describe some of the types of writing you can use to lift your mood, including freewriting, journaling, poetry, memoir, and even fiction -- and how you can write on your own or begin a writing group for people with depression. Lots of exercises -- to jump start your own writing -- and examples of students' writing -- for inspiration -- will be included.

Whether you're dealing with major depression or a difficult life transition, this book is designed to help you with techniques that can help heal your thoughts, emotions, and spirit.

If you'd like to be on my mailing list for early information and updates, please leave a comment.

The book will be available in May or June, 2008 -- just a year from now. My next few months will be spent writing like crazy! Hurray!

Stay tuned....
-- Beth


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! The world needs your book. Yes, please put me on your mailing list and updates will be joyfully received as you progress towards your finish line for next year's publication.


John said...

Yes, put me on your mailing list.

Derrick said...


I can't wait for your book but I guess I'll have to. I have been writing quite a bit lately and it really helps. Thanks. Oh yes, please put me on your mailing list