Monday, November 27, 2006

TO WRITE: What Are You Grateful For?
As the long weekend of family, food and crazed shopping ends, I'm reflecting on what it all means. What am I really thankful for, and do I ever truly stop and think about those things? Some recent psychological research suggests that the trait of being grateful is a particularly powerful one. The psychologists involved suggest the following practice for greater contentment: Keep a special notebook, and at the end of each day, write down three specific things for which you are grateful. These can be large or small things -- I was able to sleep six solid hours last night; I called my sister for support today when I felt really low; I felt engaged when reading the front page of the newspaper. Ocassionally look back at your notebook and see what things jump out at you or form a trend. Are these things you could strive to increase in your life?

Play with this...
Try the exercise described above for a week. Then reread your notebook entries and write consistently for 20 minutes on your findings. If you feel a sense of satisfaction, lightness or joy, continue the practice and see how your feelings evolve over time and how you might apply your discoveries day-to-day.

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