Friday, October 17, 2008

TO WRITE: What would you love to buy?
Economically, times are looking very grim for most of us right now. And, whether we want to face it yet or not, the holiday season -- with all it's frenzied buying and extra expenses -- is fast approaching. Does all this money talk sound overwhelming? Today I invite you to set aside those stressful issues and think about you.

Play with this. . .
Write continuously for 20 minutes on the question: What would you love to buy if you could? For me, an eagerly awaited new book is a favorite treat, so I might simply purchase more books if I had unlimited shopping resources. Your tastes may run to larger items -- a new house? car? a tropical island? Or perhaps you'd like to buy a gift for a loved one?

After you write, reflect on why this item is important to you. Is it something you really could go out and acquire today? If so, go for it, and see how wonderful you feel. If it's unattainable until you win the lottery, consider why you'd like it and brainstorm on whether there's a smaller alternative that could provide the same pleasure.

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