Wednesday, February 13, 2008

TO WRITE: It's a Secret!
Whether you want to admit it or not, you know you've got some. . . . Today I'm thinking of the new hiding place I found for the heart-shaped box of chocolates my husband's not supposed to see until tomorrow. (He recently discovered the behind-the-desk spot I'd used for birthday and Christmas gifts for years.)

Of course, you may have larger issues from the past looming unsaid, or you may have tiny guilty pleasures. You may have secret aspirations too. (Who says writers can't be superheroes or ballerinas on the side?)

Play with this. . .
'Fess up. Remember that this, like any writing, can be hidden, discarded or destroyed as soon as it's finished, so go ahead and let it all out. Write continuously for 20 minutes starting with In my secret life, I. . . .

Then read what you've written and see how you feel. Has a burden been lifted, or perhaps a new idea hatched? Or do you realize that you're really craving a pint of ice cream and an afternoon of soap operas? Let me know what you discover.

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