Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TO WRITE: A Gift You've Given
I've never handed my mom $5 million, or given my husband the keys to a Ferrari, much as all three of us might like that. Still, I have given lots of Christmas and birthday presents over the years. And I hope I have given more than that too. What comes to mind when you ponder gifts you've given to someone?

Was there something chosen with great thought? Something handmade? Something old and sentimental? A personal letter or card with kind words?

When I look at gifts from a larger perspective, I hope I've helped a few people to learn things in my various teaching positions. If you're a teacher of any kind, you've certainly got this covered. I think I've helped a few younger people, such as nephews, to see more of the world and discover their own ideas and thoughts. If you're a parent, you've surely given enormously of this gift.

Play with this. . . .
Write continuously for 20 minutes on a gift you've given someone. Tell the story of what happened and how it felt during and after the giving. Also consider what it meant to the recipient, how it was received, and what it meant to you.

After you write, identify how you feel. Pleased? Proud? Unsure? Disappointed? Angry? How does this make you feel about giving in the future? Perhaps there are unsaid complements you'll want to write and send. Perhaps you'll find you have been hurt and you want to stop giving to this person. You may want to write for another 10 minutes or so on these feelings and plans.

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