Monday, June 18, 2007

TO WRITE: The Wisdom of Youth
What did you know when you were a kid? A lot, you probably thought at the time, if you were like me. But what do you now think as you look back on your childhood days? Our experiences were limited, but perhaps our wisdom was right on. And what does our state of knowing back then say about our mood now?

Play with this. . .
Write continuously for 20 minutes on: In fifth grade, I thought....
Did you have strong beliefs about how the world worked when you were ten or so? (I was seriously questioning both the existence of God and the need for school.) As you left elementary school and headed for junior high, did you have misconceptions that in retrospect are funny or surprising? (Did you know where babies come from?) What views did you hold about yourself and your family? What were your plans for the future? (Any firemen or veterinarian wannabes out there?)

Looking back at your writing, consider how your mood was then -- already showing signs of depression, or still innocently happy? If depressed, try writing some more on this period of your life, but consciously change the circumstances you describe so that you are pleased with the result. If you were in good spirits as a kid, are there any lessons there for you now, such as specific activities that brought you joy, and that might again?

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