Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TO WRITE: What We See and What We Don't
Many writers claim that observation is what their work is really all about. Author and writing teacher Natalie Goldberg says, "Writing is 90% listening."

But it's not just the writer surreptitiously monitoring the lovers at the next restaurant table for plot ideas and dialog. In fact, every human needs to observe his life and the world around him and try to fit the two together. Observing and reflecting are key, whether it's deciding when it's safe to step off a curb, or determining when to change careers. For people living with depression, observing the situations that make us feel worse or better, and the reactions we have to those stimuli, can be a powerful tool. We can use this technique both in the present and in retrospect.

Play with this...
Write continuously for 20 minutes, starting with the following prompt, and see what you discover.
Looking back, it was obvious...

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