Monday, February 05, 2007

TO WRITE: Finding Your Own Deep Wisdom
I taught a creative writing workshop at a spiritual retreat among the redwoods in Aptos, California this weekend. In one exercise, we used the following Native American quote, followed by a short guided meditation, to access our inner wisdom as presented by an animal. As you try this freewrite, remember not to think too much -- you're simply there to take dictation.

Play With This...
This quote is from J. Reuben Silverbird (Navajo/Apache):

We must listen
to the wisdom of
the Animals of the
Four Nations:
Forest, Land, Water & Sky.
With this in mind, close your eyes and visualize yourself walking alone. You might be in the forest, the desert, on a beach or a mountaintop. Ahead you see movement. As you approach, you see it's an animal. As you near it, the animal begins to speak to you. When you're ready, open your eyes and take at least five minutes to write down what the animal says to you.
Later, reread what you wrote and reflect on what meaning those words might have for you. You, like some others, may find that this sort of exercise, like a dream, provides insights into your life and current issues, particularly if you consider the possible symbolism in what is revealed. If it is useful for you, you may want to try it again in another setting or with another animal.

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